Saturday, April 24, 2010

final talking point :)

1. “Democracy can only occur when no person’s voice is deterministically silenced”
This quote is incorporated where it talks about the different voices. We as educators need to make sure we hear and listen to every person’s voice and idea. It is very important that we never ignore anyone or shut anyone out.
2. "Participation is the most important place to begin because student involvement is low in traditional classrooms and because action is essential to gain knowledge and develop intelligence."
I feel that participation is one of the most important aspects in education. It is important to participate because it helps with understanding the topics being taught and it makes learning easier. I agree completely with this quote and feel that it is extremely important.
3. "If the aim of intellectual training is to form the intelligence rather than to stock the memory, and to produce intellectual explorers rather than mere erudition, then traditional education is manifestly guilty of a grave deficiency"
I have always thought that the traditional education system wasn’t the best type of education. This quote is saying that we need to change the traditional education if our goal is to make everyone more intellectual. I always hated exams and quizzes based off memorization. I never really understood the information; I was just very good at memorizing. I tended to get very bored throughout the years at school and wasn’t interested in it at all.

I enjoyed reading this article (even though it was on the plane on the way to Florida). It was a little too long and boring but I made it through it. I liked the stories that were incorporated in the article. This topic of the article was very easy to compare to sever situations that I have experienced and plan on in the future. It also helped give me new ideas of different ways to teach and really got me thinking about the future in my classroom.


  1. Like you said, I thought it was long and boring as well. But I saw the main points and think we can use some of these philosophies in our future classrooms!

  2. i also thought the article was a little long...but i did also choose your second quote...and i think that participation is very important in classes

  3. Long and boring for sure. I like your first quote and it kind of reminded me of another author who talked about silence.

  4. I liked you second quote and I also thought this article was a little long.